Sanrio cute design for Animal Crossing New Horizons

Today we will introduce a acnhdesigns that can be cosplayed as a cute Sanrio character.

The design is Ayanosuke.

Cinnamon roll acnhdesigns

Cinnamon roll’s special skill is to fly in the sky with his big ears fluttering. I’m quiet, but I’m so friendly that He sometimes sleep on the customer’s lap.

Pompompurin acnhdesigns

Pompompurin is a golden retriever guy whose trademark is a dark brown beret. My hobby is collecting shoes. Father’s leather shoes and mother’s sandals are hidden secretly.

Mymelody and Kuromi acnhdesigns

Mymelody is a bright and bright girl who thinks of her younger brother. The treasure is a cute little hood that my grandma made. Mymelody like baking cookies with mom, and Mymelody favorite food is almond pound cake.

Kuromi is a self-proclaimed melody rival. It looks like a violent person, but it really looks like a woman! ? Kuromi like cool guys.

Pochacco acnhdesigns

Pochacco is curious, hesitant, and hesitant.